Educational ERP

Educational ERP


As the educational sector in India is growing in a rapid pace, today for most of the educational sector management, the going gets tougher in number of ways. Zaaraa Education ERP gives universities and colleges a unique way to keep in line the entire activities inside the campus. Academics, Library, Campus Recruitments, Alumni, Finance & Administration activities are combined in a single platform to enable the management to maintain the decorum. It is a break through software to take your Institution to new heights.

After an in-depth-analysis of the requisites from various educational institutions, we have framed exceptional education software that will provide holistic changes in the way your institution is managed. Our product delivers a way to fetch and derive statistical information to plan the growth of the institution for the management. The product will be delivered using cloud computing technology with a dedicated support data center controlled by Zaaraa Technologies.


  • Latest technology of cloud deployment will deliver 0% downtime with high data security
  • Improves duties and responsibilities of staffs and students and develops a rich corporate culture
  • The whole new automated system enhances the standard of the institution and builds a quality environment
  • Provides a total monitoring and control system for the management with statistical data and room for future expansion
  • Highly sophisticated product functionalities that acts as a single solution for all educational activities